I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and creative soul who delights in many forms of self- expression. I was born and raised on Goat Pasture Road, a winding dirt road that traces the muddy Yadkin River across the western tip of Davidson County in rural North Carolina. Much of what I knew then is no more…

Our dirt road was eventually paved and its path straightened. Family farms were sold to make room for double-wides and new construction. The residents eventually petitioned for the name to be changed to “Old Pasture Road” in the hopes that a more dignified name might improve our standing in the community. I have always found my mental image of a “goat pasture”–barbed wire fencing and weatherworn outbuildings surrounding a herd of ornery old goats chewing their cud- a much more befitting reference to that particular time and place than a still, pastoral landscape.

But maybe I was not the only one who sought to forget?

Once, I imagined my life was waiting for me across that river. I reached out to claim it. Today, I have a loving family and amazing friends. I built a successful career as an interior designer. I am an impassioned traveller. I made my home in the city with my husband, artist Perry Boswell, our son Brennen and a menagerie of critters. We live in an eighty-seven year old cottage surrounded by huge magnolia trees and a backyard garden. In its short list of homeowners, I am the fifth “Susan” to live under its roof. Our home is inhabitted by friendly ghosts that chose us as its caretakers.

I have always been a storyteller. Quite by accident, I became a writer.

I used to think life was about reaching our destination; instead, I have learned that it is about the journey. In sharing our experiences and remembering what would otherwise be forgotten, we gain the power to transform, empower, connect and heal.

Join me as I share my stories with you. I am The Girl From Goat Pasture Road.



  • O’Henry Magazine
    2013 First Annual Memoir Competition
  • Toastmasters District 367, Area 24
    1st Place Humorous Speech Competition


  • Print 53 and Prime Numbers Magazine
    Gathering of Writers
    Winston- Salem, North Carolina
    August 10, 2013
  • Skirt! Magazine Creative Conference
    Atlanta, Georgia
    June 10-12, 2011
  • Main Street Toastmasters
    Kernersville, North Carolina